Doodle Brigade Hacked

Press 1 to turn on or off lives, 2 for the unit health, 3 for the wall health, 4 for ink, 5 to kill the enemy.

About Doodle Brigade Hacked

Doodle Brigade Hacked

Doodle Brigade Hacked Category: Real World Math Description:

Doodle Brigade Hacked unblocked game is free for you to play and check the own fighting ability. An evil monster has sent his troop out in order to occupy your Kingdom and steal your ink rests. You need to hire a mighty to stop those invaders as fast as possible. In Doodle Brigade Hacked, you can draw soldiers along with walls, mines and other objects to attack and defend. Upgrades will help you finish the mission faster. Let's join the combat and set up the most powerful tower defense right now!

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