Welcome to iLearnGames.com! We are honored to serve the best learning games for all ages. Not only that, we always encourage you to explore and research about terms of use on our website. You should know that they are very critical to keep you away from violating the rules and regulations which are set by administrators while you are playing games or using services here. You'd better follow these terms to get the exciting and comfortable moment when you visit iLearnGames.com.

Note that the terms of use are valid after they are uploaded. And these rules are only adjusted and controlled by iLearnGames.com. Besides, the third party will not be allowed to interfere or use them.

You can "Contact us" to send your questions. We will deal them in the short time.

Registering Your Account and Being a Membership

The benefits when becoming a membership

You can enjoy all of the learning games at iLearnGames.com even though you are not a member. However, you will receive a lot of advantages once you become one of our members such as:

  • The scores that you earned in the game will be saved. Then, you can continue to compete and take over the leaderboard.
  • It's possible for you to save the favorite games!
  • You are able to make friends, chat or share the in-game experiences with them.
  • Aside from that, you can save the profile pictures.
  • And you can list the games that you have just explored.

Some information involving with the registering an account

To start to play games on iLearnGames.com as a member, you need to register a new account. During that process, you will have to type the personal information, such as email address, date of birth, full name, nickname and more. And all of the info that you provide should be correct.

Because we will send the notification to your email, make sure this address is accurate. If not, the system or the application will not permit these notifications. Thus, you are advised to utilize the personal email.

If we get the requests from the government to improve the system, we will send the notifications related to the content, history, IP addresses or other saved information to you, users. You can access the privacy policy to see more.


When registering an account at iLearnGames.com, you are required to add the high-security password. It will be safe. But, you need to give the notification to us urgently when you detect somebody is using it. 

Notification emails

The notification emails are sent regularly and directly to the users to up to date the news relating to the new content, new games, versions, and others. If you don't get any notification like that, you should change something in the account if you want because it may block ours. 

Regulations in terms of uploading

Uploading content consists of data, sounds, videos, and much more. Therefore, you must take responsibility for what you did. And we will not control what you encounter after that.

When you are an official member on iLearnGames.com, you are not allowed do these:

  • Upload the bad content relating to politics, government
  • Transmit the illegal content, unfit words, threats, perverted things, non-respecting privacy things, or something can cause dangers, etc.
  • Transmit advertisements, spam, and other banned content.
  • Investigate, save the personal information of other members
  • Transmit the content that was infected by the virus or the damaged content which can slow the operation feature of the computer

We will remove it, lock or delete your account if you break these rules.

Connect or Disconnect from iLearnGames.com

Currently, we have connected to several links of various websites or links coming from the third parties. We will not be responsible in taking control these websites along with the advertising service.


You need to contact with the admins if you'd like to put an end to the own account. The cancellation will begin within 72 hours after you send your request. Next, you will receive an email notification. If you don't agree with regulations and terms, your account will stop working or be disabled. And you are not our member anymore.


It's essential to learn about the privacy policy! You can explore this section to know more about the security of your personal information.

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