Once you step into, you can play, enjoy learning games and create new accounts without worrying about anything. We are always ready to keep all of your personal information safe. You should read the full privacy policy below carefully before you register your account.

The administrators at set up the relationship between the privacy policy and the terms of use. So, you also should explore the rules and regulations before being our member.

If you disagree with any term of use, you can't become the official member.

You can contact us and send your request relating to the privacy policy. We will unravel all of them quickly.

Collecting and Handling Information

Registering an account

To become a member of, you need to complete the registering process.

When you register an account, you will fill the Required Sections with the info about your personal information, such as full name, birth date, email address, nickname and the password. Other members will not be able to see your personal information except the nickname and full name.

To show your individual info, you will move to your account and adjust options.

Before registering an account

Log Files

Log Files are the part that players use most at this place. It is a helpful tool. It allows you to store the info  that you collected from plenty of browsers when you are using on the server. Log Files include the basic information (types of browsers, ID address, ISP) and more. With the Log Files, webmasters can analyze, run the websites, survey, track users, gather demographic data, etc. Not only that, you can combine Log Files with your personal information to protect the own info more effective. 


Cookies is a small file. It is stored on your PC. It can help you run the website. You can integrate it with the registered number to log in the website faster.

Cookies can remember the private info. Besides, you can access the website quickly without typing the email and password.

If you want it to memorize that info, you can remove it by moving to the Setting, clicking Help, and following the guides there.

Note that the speed when you access the website to play learning games will be decreased.

Private Information

At, you can play and save the learning games that you like most for free. Besides, your individual information will be kept safely because we will not show them if we don't have your permission.

The surveys in terms of the quality of services

On, several surveys in terms of the quality of services will occur. They concentrate the service quality and give users the advertisements that provided by the third parties.

Members will be required to fill the own info like the email or the full name. Of course, this is not imperative if you don't want to take part in these surveys. 

However, the reason why we organize surveys is because we are desired to bring the best services for players. Thus, these surveys can let us know your request to improve the quality and services. We promise and commit to protecting your information once you engage.

Sharing Personal Information


Your private info will be shared with other members only when you allow and confirm. We completely ensure your information.

Advertisement service from the third parties

When you come to play learning games, you can be attracted by ads which are provided by the third party. You can click to see and fill your info if you want. And you will move to its page directly. But, you should not forget that the privacy policy of the advertisement websites will not be controlled. Hence, you'd better read their privacy policy before you input anything on those websites. Also, we commit to defending your info from the intrusion of the third parties.

Advertising parent of the third parties

When you visit, you can see many ads banners of the third party or the websites that they are using. Your Cookies will store those ads so that the ad network can realize the PCs of users during the time sending their ads. Then, the ad network will translate and find out the information in terms of geography, other individuals when they have your permission to use or access to your computer. Next, the ad network will send the ads with contents, new services to you to make you interested.

And we will not control any info that they have gathered.

Contact information from

After you have done every step to own an account, you will regularly get notification from It is sent to your email including password recovery notification, email confirmation, introducing new games, so on. However, you can adjust the option in your account to receive them or not.

Re-establish privacy policy

You can read the privacy policy's updates or changes in the email or on the homepage. These changes are valid within 30 days from the date of the policy reform. You should visit us regularly to catch up the latest news. 

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